Sunday, May 25, 2008

Marina Bay Sands Casino at Marina South

If you think the above construction looked ugly in Singapore River. I agreed too. It spoilt the view of the financial district buildings. But in a few years it would looked pretty.

Many colourful cranes - so much construction going along Singapore River.

All the digging and banging are for the future Sands Casino in Marina Bay. It would be the first casino to be allowed on Singapore, the other casino will be at Sentosa.

The Marina Bay Sands is Singapore's first casino developed by Las Vegas Sands at Marina South and expected to be completed in 2009. To see how the casino looked like when completed, click here.

The second casino being constructed is in Sentosa. See my earlier post.

Tourists and foreigners get to gamble free in the casino while Singaporean needed to pay an entrance fee of S$100 or $2000 annual fee to gamble in the casino. Families can banned their family members from gambling in the casinos.


Lawstude said...

I love visiting your country not for the casinos but for the different wonderful things you offer to tourists. I always say to my friends that Singapore is like one big theme park. So small yet so beautiful.

alicesg said...

Thanks for the nice comments Lawstude. I too am not for gambling. Yes, Singapore is always changing and there are many corners of Singapore that I have yet to

Kitem said...

You know what? I think it's a good idea to allow family ban some of their family gambling member from the casino, if not, it could cost them a lot of money! Some Asians are addict to gambling it's terrible. Yet it is a funny attitude from my point of

Squirrel said...

I kind of like the look of all the cranes--reminds me of an origami project we did once--many many cranes!

we had a nasty crane accident in NYC recently... gotta watch those things!

Jim said...

It looks like its going to be a huge complex when done.

Gordon said...

The finished casino complex looks amazing. Your Government policy about its use is interesting; making it easy for foreigners, and protecting the Sinaporeans from the excesses of gambling.

We started with a casino here, and then poker machines were allowed in hotels and clubs and now we have a major gambling addiction problem with some people. Individuals can be banned here too.

evlahos said...

they look like giant monsters above this wonderful city!!

Joy said...

I just think that Singapore is constantly building things, and it'll never stop. However, it's good because it provides employment.

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d. chedwick said...

The craniest place I've ever been is the city of Vancouver in BC -- about 10 years ago--the entire city was was being renovated and rebuilt it seemed!

I've never been to Singapore but my sig, other has --on business, & said it was Paradise .

alicesg said...

Thank you for the nice comments and praise for Singapore.

I was born and raised in Singapore and you all knew I am older than my I can see a very big change of Singapore but I still miss my childhood memories of Singapore.

Kitem, I had to agreed with you. Have you been to Macau? You should see the busloads of chinese crossing over to gamble in Macau.

napaboaniya said...

With 2 upcoming casinos I'll say it'll boost the employment rates up. However, on a tiny island with 2 casinos...
At the end of the day, I won't be surprise to see more foreign talents.

But I'm sure they're gonna be beautiful! :)

p/s: My contemplating to go on the duck tours with the kids this June vacation. But the weather is a killer!! *faint*

alicesg said...

Hi Napaboaniya, great for the kids. Yes, the weather is a killer.