Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DuckTours (Part 1)

Today I will post a series of my adventure onboard the ducktours. The ducktours is actually a refurbished ex-military amphibious vehicle which can travel on both land and water. The tour is an hour long adventure both on sea and land.

Look closer at the boat where you can see the markings at the side.

The boat is real huge and everyone were so excited onboard the boat including me as this is the first time I am riding in one.

Look at the signboard, it is so funny. It read: " No eating, smoking and YAWNING allowed....hahaha.

More photos in later posts. To read more about the ducktours, you can visit their website.


Anonymous said...

it seems to be a very interesting tour

zakscloset said...

no yawning!?!?!? i suppose everyone must take a quick nap before getting on board!

Anonymous said...

Drat ... no yawning?

Gordon said...

It is a great concept for a tourist vehicle; and it must be fun!