Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fruits in season - Mangosteen

It is the middle of the year where the seasoned fruits are sighted in fruit stalls and supermarkets. One of my favourite would be the mangosteens. They dont looked pretty but the flesh in them are so juicy and sweet.

Closer look at the juicy flesh inside.

Studies have shown that phytoceuticals in Mangosteen (in some cases known to be its xanthones) have properties such as: anti-tumor (shrinks tumors), anti-leukemia, antifungal (critical for all cancer patients), antibacterial (to protect DNA), antioxidants (at least two dozen different kinds of xanthones are in the mangosteen fruit), antiproliferation, kills cancer cells and causes apoptosis (programmed cell death) for some types of cancer. (Source:
So start eating more mangosteen. :)


Anonymous said...

first time I see this fruit. thanks for shared

zakscloset said...

WOW! it sounds like i need to start looking for that magic fruit in the UK!!

Dave said...

Never seen this pant before. It's amazing how nature cures ailments.

Kitem said...

Ooooh Alice, I would love to eat a ton of mangosteen, I like them so much.
Sadly there is NO mangosteen here in Europe, and there is no more when I am in Malaysia in January, February, March.
You, Alice, enjoy them and eat these delicious fruits as many as you can.

Anonymous said...

This is also the first time I see this fruit.
It sounds great!

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous post with some really nice photographs and some very important information.

alexander said...

Wow! I haven't had one of this for years!
Thanks for reminding me. :)

Have a nice weekend.

Alex's World! -

J.C. said...

I got to share this incident related to mangosteen with you. Brought this to Dalian, China for my colleagues there. A Swede colleague didn't hesitate to peel break the fruit and chowed away. Guess what? Ha haa ha...he even ate the purple colour inner-skin of the fruit, together with the white part!!! Gosh, I caught him too late as he had swallowed it by the time I taught them how to eat it! So, everytime I see a mangosteen, it reminds me of this incident.

Keropok Man said...

do you know when you look at the bottom of the fruit, you know how many pieces of the fruit you can find in it. :-)

if there's 6 little 'flaps' below, there will be 6 white juicy 'pieces' of mangosteen inside.

Jules said...

This is very interesting - i have a tree in my garden and i do love them!!!

alicesg said...

Thanks all for the comments.

JC, that is a funny incident, next time I eat a mangosteen, I will remember your funny incident

Keropok, thanks for the info. I only know how to eat...hehehe.

Jules, Lucky you to have such a tree in your garden. :)