Saturday, December 15, 2007

A stroll down Chinatown, Singapore

Today, let us take a stroll down Chinatown Singapore. It is very convenient to get to there. Just board the MRT and head to Chinatown. There are many exits from Chinatown MRT Station. Look out for the exit A if you wanted to stroll down Pagoda Street.

Or you prefer to hitch a ride on the local trishaw but I think it is better to walk so that you can shop and eat at the same time...... :)

Or you prefer to buy the popular Bak Kwa from Bee Cheng Hiang (Mei Zhen Xiang), a long time brand name selling bak kwa (BBQ pork) with a consistency similar to jerky. (Yayyy.....This is my favourite.)

Or visit Chinatown Heritage, where it houses a wealth of memories and untold stories from the past.

Or just shop and shop...........

Souvenirs for you?

or you rather have tailored clothes and have it done in a few hours.

Hope you enjoy the little stroll down chinatown via my blog................Of course there are more lanes in Chinatown and more things to see but my little blog could only hold this much today...............


ro_pumpkin said...

too many thinks to say and show about chinatown and even just about the bazar in chinatown on pagoda street, for only one post . everytime i went there it was crowded (especially before chinese new year), how come in your pictures i don't see many people ?

alicesg said...

Hi Ro,

You are right about the many things to post in chinatown. If you would scroll down to the Labels, you can see I have at present 4 posts on Chinatown. There is one on Chinese New Year in Chinatown and you can see the sea of people. I alway go to chinatown at different times, the one you see that is empty is around 11 am where the shops just open and that explained the absence of crowd. Thanks for visiting.