Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Crowd

It is the day after christmas. Did you all start opening your presents? I did and like them all. Well, for those complaining about your christmas gifts, please think about the people who had to brave through the christmas crowd and then having to rack their brains to pick the idea gift for you.

Crowds along Orchard Road.
Basement of Takashimaya Shopping Centre.


Oswegan said...

Wow that is a lot of people. I don't think I would last long in that store.

I hope you had a nice Christmas.


ro_pumpkin said...

that's one thing i don't like about singapore , especially orchard road , especially during holidays : it's soooo crowded ! and the takashimaya basement with all the fairs is really "scary" ... hahaha . but i spent some time over there . and like the food at the food court , although more expensive than other places