Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Decorations 2007 at Plaza Singapura

At last, I managed to squeeze my tiny self to crowded Orchard Road to take photo of christmas decorations. Over the next few days, I would post some christmas decorations along Orchard Road. Hope to post all before christmas day.

This year the christmas decorations at Plaza Singapura comes with a christmas story. There is also an interactive Nativity Village at Plaza Singapura.

A very beautiful decorated christmas tree in front of Plaza Singapura.

Inspired by Jing from Shanghai photo of reflection shot of christmas decorations. Here is mine but it is not very well taken.


alex said...

Wooo... they are nice. Who's the winner of this year's Christmas decorations?

Alex's World! -

Keropok Man said...

The last picture, that red ball! I took that too last week! :-)

alicesg said...

I dont think Tourism Board hold any such contest anymore but the shopping centre association held one last year but not sure about this year.

alicesg said...

Hi Keropok, did you take the same reflection too? BTW your blog is impressive. Thanks for visiting.

ro_pumpkin said...

ps is one of singapore's favorite . and this year they did a much better job than last year . but it's such a noisy place ! hahaha . because of the carrefour supermarket i used to go there very often