Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Children at play

It is fun watching children at play. I guess these kids are having lots of fun, playing at the fountain in front of Seiyu Departmental Store in Bugis Junction.


ro_pumpkin said...

hi alice
first of all , thank you for your visit and your nice words . and thank you for the link on your blog.
second , today i took the time to go through your blog starting from the beggining in 2006 . i also spent more time on your food blog (yummy indeed) . i had so much fun , tks . singapore is one of the best cities in the world to live in , also a vibrant and ambitious place . but for me is more than that , is full of memories , most of them very good ones . sometimes they fade away , everything is more like a blur . i do have some 2000 photos from singapore but i know them too well so it's good to discover a different view and of course different places where i never been . i like your blog , brings back memories , and the food is so great , the pictures very nice .
brasov is very different but from the right angles it's a nice place . i hope you enjoy it

alicesg said...

Hi Ro,

Ty for the compliments. I try to take photo of more food too but sometimes I am so shy cause seems that I am the only in the restaurant clicking away the

I will definitely visit your blog often. :)