Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jinrickshaw Station

The Jinrickshaw Station , built in 1903, used to be served as the registration centre for rickshaws. Jinricksha is small two-wheeled carriage pulled by men and used for transportation

Its rounded facade which follows the curve of the junction gives it a unique appearance. A domed lantern set atop the 2-storeyed building gives it a measure of dignity. Giving it a unique look were its exposed brickworks which today is painted over. (Source:
This is a very nice old building even the mega-star Jackie Chan like it so much. He actually paid $11 m for it. Click here for source
Photo taken during the day.
Photo taken at night


ro_pumpkin said...

i also love this building . the architecture and the brickwork . and the location . it's always quiet there , not many people , very nice to walk around .
where you gonna go for the bbq ?

alex said...

Yes I agree with ro_pumpkin. Is it a pub now?

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alicesg said...

Hi Guys,
At present it is a restaurant and houses some shops. Jackie Chan will be buying over and turn it into a piano bar and houses his office. BBQ will be simple at some rented chalets in the east. I hope the weather is kind and I could take some nice pictures of the beach. :) Hope you guys have fun during Xmas too.