Sunday, August 15, 2010

Suntec City - Travel Fair

Singaporeans love to travel. Travel Fair is always crowded with people.

These people are booking for tours for the year end holidays.
This is just one of the in house travel fair organised by this travel agent. End of August, there will be a major travel fair where all the travel agents will participate and the crowd will be even bigger.
I normally will just get brochures only to see what travel offers they have. I will then check the prices and enquire about the tour in their travel office rather than queue at travel fair. I hate long queues and I normally dont book my travel so many months ahead. I always book only few weeks before for my travel. If it is a nearby country, I will book just a few days before hand.

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Lawstude said...

same here, i hate long queues also and do not really have long-term travel plans. so i guess i am the "in the moment" type of guy :)