Friday, August 13, 2010

Sky Watch - City Plaza

Near the Geylang Serai Market, is this very old building called City Plaza. I remembered I used to visit the shopping centre when I was a teenager. Now the shopping centre is very old and not many people visit this mall except Sunday.

The colour of the building really make it stand out of all the buildings in that area.

I went into the mall but it is so different from during its hey day. Gone are all the nice boutique that I used to purchase my clothings from. Some of the clothings in there now are for wholesale and mass produced.

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Rajesh said...

Beautiful building. The coloring pattern is very different.

J Bar said...

That's an interesting paint job.
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Indrani said...

It is like fashion, they keep changing soon, so do the malls.

Lawstude said...

aww. some place really cant just compete with time. but hopefully, places like these with lots of memories come back again greatly :)