Sunday, August 1, 2010

National Day Parade 2010 Road Show

I happen to come across the NDP 2010 Road Show in Bishan. At the road show, the public will get to:

■Learn new infocomm tools – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs
■Get FREE printout of your favourite photo from that day from Snapfish
■Capture video with the latest flip video and see how easy it is to upload via flipshare
■Experience holding the Chinook in your hands with MXR technology

You can find out more about the roadshow from the official site.

Hubby is very surprised that I know about twitter, flickr, I told hubby that flickr is kinda of a photo sharing and is free for the first 200 photos and you got to pay if you want more space in flickr. My hubby was wondering what is twitter, is it a bird calling.... I have to explain to hubby about these IT tools, I think these road shows are educational to especially those older folks who are not familar with the new technology. I am old but very young at heart, that is why I know some of the IT tools featured there...hehehe.

The above looked like a lion and a tower. They are actually made up of many small post it notes where citizen can write their wishes for Singapore and they might win a prize in a lucky draw. And no I did not write anything cause I dont like my personal information on the board. I never like to join any contest in any exhibitions or road shows cause not sure where my personal information will end up.

Some of these new machines are joining in the mobile display and parade during National Day.

I need to take a photo of all these names of the defence vehicles.

I got a souvenir at the road show. It was a pin with the design of a chinook carrying the huge Singapore Flag. I got a video of the actual chinook carrying the flag. I will post them in later post.

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