Monday, August 9, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE- Fly past by chinook carrying Singapore Flag

Today is the 45th birthday of Singapore. Happy Birthday Singapore. Took these videos of the chinook during the NDP 2010 rehearsals on two different days from two different locations when I was there.

The chinook that carried the huge Singapore flag flew over the padang (the venue of the performances) when the National Anthem was playing. Even those army and police personnel and Singaporeans (like me) standing along the streets watching, all came to a stand still. This is in respect to the country when the National Anthem was played.

And now I am done posting all these NDP 2010 photos. Will begin a new series of photos soon. Hope all of you enjoyed the NDP 2010 photos and short videos that I posted.


M.Kate said...

Happy Birthday Singapore :)

alicesg said...

Thank you Kate. :)

Photo Cache said...

and if life begins at 40, singapore is just a toddler. happy birthday singapore. many many happy return of the day.