Monday, August 2, 2010

National Day Parade 2010 Rehearsal - Mobile Column

National Day is around the corner and almost every Saturday was rehearsal time for the event. Last Saturday, went down to watch the mobile column again but this time round, took the photos and video at another better location.


alicesg said...

There are more videos of these march past by the mobile columns and defence vehicles but I just load some interesting videos only. There are altogether 210 vehicles in the march past with more parked in other areas as reserved. My husband is so crazy over the parade by these mobile column. He went down to watch almost every

Photo Cache said...

this looks like a big thing. when is this?

Trotter said...

Hi Alice! I don't think I would spend my time seeing those rehersals... ;)

After an odd post, Blogtrotter Two has a bit of Catalonia in Sardinia... ;)
Take pleasure in it and have a stunning week ahead!

alicesg said...

PC, every saturday was the rehearsal. The real celebration is on 9th August 2010, our country's independence day's celebration. Singapore will be 45 years old.

Trotter, hahaha, my hubby very crazy over the mobile column march past.