Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Geylang Serai Market - Wet Market

It was so crowded in the market. Everyone busy stocking up food for the week ahead. The first thing I noticed when I step into the market was the fragrant smell of the spices.

There are so many different types of spices available over here. Nowadays when I cooked my curry chicken, I dont have to grind all the different types of ingredients and spices, I just get the spices from the market.
The best thing about market is that you can get recipes from the stall holder. All you have to do was to let the stall holder know if you intended to cook curry chicken or curry fish or curry vegetables and she will get the right type of spices for you and a few tips on how to cook too.

Fishes in this market are so much cheaper than those in heartland.

This stall is selling all the dry goods and take note of the coconut grinding machine in the background.

Stall selling beef, mutton, etc. No pork in this market cause majority of the customers are muslims. This market sell mainly halal food.

This market has so many stalls selling different types of food.

The new market is very spacious and big and the floor is not wet anymore.
Tomorrow I will post the food centre that is located above this market and the food is yummy.

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dong ho said...

if i was there... first thing that ill buy would be the fresh fish.