Thursday, November 26, 2009


Been so busy with nephew's wedding. It was such a joyful and happy day and we are so happy that he finally got

This is the chinese custom where the bridegroom need to have his hair combed by his mother and his dad has to read the phrase of good lucks. The mirror and comb are the accessories for the ritual and the ruler is to bless him with many children.

The phrase is

The first combing : from beginning till the end

The second combing : harmony from now till old age

The third combing : sons and grandsons all over the place

The fourth combing : good wealth and a long-lasting marriage.
Eating of Glutinous rice balls or "tang yuan" for good luck.
Then there will be a tea ceremony where the wedding couple would serve tea to the elders and in return they get gifts of money or gold.

Wedding gift to bride...........sorry cannot show you inside contents of the box cause it does not belongs to


alicesg said...

I am sorry that I might not have the time to return visit to your blogs cause I am extremely busy with a wedding that just ended and am now preparing my trip out of Singapore next week. Will tell you more another time. Meanwhile my other postings are pre scheduled.

M.Kate said...

Nice one Alice, I have the same chinese wedding/ custom to go thru this Saturday for my cousin.

Anya said...

Enjoy the wedding :-)
Yeahhhhhhh...... Party


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Nice info about traditions. All best wishes to the couple.