Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pink Saturday - Hort Park 12 - Cute Flowers

I saw so many tiny flowers growing on the ground in Hort Park but not sure of their names.

They are so tiny and so cute and pretty.

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Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday sweetie. I love your post today. Now I don't know the technical name for these little flowers, but my Grandma always called this Rose moss. It has lots of assorted colors that it will bloom. I keep some in my pots out front of the house. I have always had it in my yard because Grandma did and Moma has it every year.

Thanks for sharing sweetie. Please stop by and say hi. I would so love to have you visit. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Don't they close by noon? Sweet and dainty looking flowers.

Anya said...

Very lovely little flowers :-)

Have a nice weekend

CC said...

Ooooo, what sweet tint flowers. Little wildflowers are my favorite kind, and these are so pretty. Happy Pinks..have a great weekend.

Grace said...

Happy Pink Saturday! What adorable little flowers. Grace

Pat said...

<< I saw so many tiny flowers growing on the ground in Hort Park but not sure of their names. >>

These are commonly known as single-petaled Portulaca (Japanese Rose, Rose Moss). This sun-loving & dry-loving plant can be grown as a groundcover, or be allowed to trail from hanging baskets.

Your photos show the cultivars from the 'Samba Series', specifically Portulaca grandiflora 'Samba Bicolor' (the pink & white one) & Portulaca grandiflora 'Samba White' (the pure white one). There is also a type with hot pink flowers called Portulaca grandiflora 'Samba Pink'.

However, since the original cultivator did not patent the series name, the exact same cultivars are also sold by various names by other sellers, eg. Portulaca 'Giant Jewel' (= 'Samba Bicolor'), Portulaca 'Giant Pink Radiance'/'Samba Purple' (both = 'Samba Pink').