Friday, November 27, 2009

Wedding Dinner - Yummy

The wedding was followed by a dinner in the night.

Wedding cake

VIP Table where the bridal couple sit with their parents and relatives.

Oh I love these beautiful flowers

The gift box was used to collect ang pows (wedding gifts of money in red packets) given by family, relatives and friends.

A very chinese wedding dinner with the suckling pig as the main attraction.
The pig is about to be

We ate the skin with the mini pancakes and the meat were used to cook another dish.
These are the remainder of the roast pig being cooked with other ingredients and we ate it by wrapping them in the cabbage leaves.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

A favourite of mine - the pig, of course! happy days to the wedded couple!

Alexander said...

Nice coverage of your nephew's wedding. An interesting one too! I miss the pig.

Alex's World! -

Mable said...

Hi Alice, Thanks for dropping by at my blog and your Wedding dinner shots sure make me hungry! There is a Peranakan Festival at the SMU Concourse, on till tomorrow at six - genuine Peranakan food, performances and shopping! See some photos here:
Have a great Sunday!

Anya said...

it looks all very delicious :-)
Its not easy to make a good shot from food (my compliments ;)

Welles Tan said...

Wow! It seems very delicious!

Ann said...

Your Hong bao must have been so big. Did you eat much suckling pig?

Was that fann Wong and Chris Lee's wedding? LOL