Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hort Park - Clean and Clean Campaign Exhibition

At the clean and green campaign at Hort Park, there's an exhibition of the then and now of Singapore.

It brought back memories of the time when I was younger, living in a not so clean environment. But now everything is so organised and clean.

An example of the street hawker back then in the 60s, the utensils they used are so old and discoloured but now hawkers will be fined or suspended if their stalls are unclean.

Now the sweeper's job are easier and high tech, they are help with machines and make it more attractive so that people will want to work as sweeper.


the donG said...

those are really beautiful street hawkers. i just imagine seeing dozens of that lined up in one street. beautiful!

Anya said...

It looks all very clean :-)
Have a relaxing sunday Alice

Ann said...

I remember they gave the name captain to bus drivers just before I left. What title do they give the sweepers?