Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hort Park - Part 4 - Green and Clean Campaign Part 4

A special corner for kids who are too young to join the other games at the campaign.
Kids love drawings and colourings.

My little niece decided to have a tattoo and no, it is not a permanent one, just a stick on and removable tattoo for kids.


M.Kate said...

My children would love this Alice..happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

i want one of this tattoo for myself :)

Anya said...

My girls would love it also
when they where little ;)

the donG said...

oh yeah! kids really enjoy having those fake tattoos. some would even place it on their face.

Lawstude said...

it is always nice to start our kids young hen it comes to protecting our environment. great shots alice.

GMG said...

Hi Alice! Green and clean, OK!! But tatoos, no thanks... ;)

Meanwhile Blogtrotter is showing you an incredible sea symphony of colours. Enjoy and have a great weekend!