Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My World Tuesday - Hort Park - Clean and Green Campaign (Part 2)

Everyone so interested and curious with this vending machine at the exhibition of Clean and Green Campaign 2010 held at Hort Park. No, it is not a drinks or food vending machine, it is a reverse vending machine for recycled materials. We just feed the machine with recycled materials and the machine will automatically separate it to plastic, can or glass.
And no, I did not try out the machine, there's a long queue of people queuing to try the machine and I dont like long queue.
A short video showing the company's representative explaining how the machine works.
Another short video of curious onlookers . I am curious about the machine too cause this is the first time we see this machine in Singapore although other countries are already using it.

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

That is very interesting. I have not seen nor heard of anything like that.

M.Kate said...

Welcome back and thanks for visiting Alice. That is so interesting, we dont have it here..and it's so good for everyone having a bit to do to help the environment. happy week ahead Alice :P

Ann said...

good machine, hope no body abuses it by putting other things.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Innovative machine and it saves the hassles of recycling for some people :) My husband is part of the recycling committee in our neighbourhood and it is still a chore for people to recycle for the environment :(

Just like to mention, it's not too late to vote for me as the deadline is 5 Nov. Thanks!

Anya said...

Yes I now that machine,
(its not the same like ours,we have only a other model ;)
In my place we have one and I put there all in and it works.
We are living in a modern world :)
I wonder what the next invention is for recycling ??
Our country want always
the latest inventions
and we must pay for it

alicesg said...

Ann, From what I read, it seems to be a smart machine and can differentiate the abuse. It can detect if someone will play a prank by putting a bottle filled with water and it would reject it. But as it is still new, we shall see if the machine would be damaged.

Anya, at present we get a receipt and we get a reward by exchanging it for a gift if we recycled by using the machine.

Louise said...

I have never seen a machine like this. I LOVE the idea. I hope it entices people to use it! (But I don't like long queues, either.)

LadyFi said...

Amazing! We still sort our recycling stuff ourselves and then put them into the right bins.

Lawstude said...

that indeed was interesting. we all need these kind of stuff and invention in order for us to protect our nature and mother earth. thanks for sharing alice.

SandyCarlson said...

What a great contraption.

Glennis said...

In NZ we still have to manually sort out the glass from plastic etc. Great to know there is such a machine.