Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A wedding

Attended my cousin's wedding in a very nice hotel. The ambience is good and the hotel is very beautiful.

The interior of the ballroom is very beautiful and well decorated.

Beautiful flora decorated the centre of the table and they dont put the dish in the centre of the table, they serve the food for you.

The food are separated to individual plates for the diners. But for chinese wedding dinner, we being the traditional type, prefer to help ourselves to the main dishes served right in the centre of the table. The fun and mood will be there then.

A short video of the first dish being presented out.


Jim K said...

I love that video, you can tell its something special.

Lara said...

a wonderful place for a wedding! looks so great!

Anya said...

Its a dreamplace for a wedding :)
BEAUTIFUL place !!

Ann said...

How big was the cousin's Ang Pao? My nephew had a BIG BIG one in the Ritz. Alamack, Who pays???

post your wedding photo please.

alicesg said...

Ang Pao is really very Close gotta give more, especially in such a classy hotel. Of course, hubby paid for the ang pow (red packet - gifts of money). This month we really broke, few birthdays, funeral and a wedding. So sorry I enjoy my privacy, so no photos of family/relatives.

Irene said...

I do think we make such a show out of it. Weddings must fit into this mould we created. I'm always so struck by the theatricality of the first row of dishes.

The recession taught me how to conserve money.

alicesg said...

Irene, I think some actually make a profit out of wedding It is good to save money for raining days and am glad you are doing it. I dont go for branded stuff but go for branded stuff that are on huge discounts or go for brandless stuff.

Lawstude said...

i agree with anya. a dream place for wedding.

M.Kate said...

Weddings are always fun, I have one end of the month where the girls will be flower girls..or jr bridesmaid as they are almost as tall as me :P