Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My World Tuesday - Back and Small Alley 1 - Graffiti

This is a back and small alley near Beach Road. Hubby and me decided to venture into this narrow alley to see what lies inside it.

The double yellow lines on both sides indicated no parking on both sides of the alley.

Most of the buildings are very old in here, long before I was born (could be as old as 100 years old). Most of them are vacant and undergoing conservation and redecoration.

It is interesting to see the colourful and creative graffiti works on the side of the buildings.

More artworks on the shophouses that were occupied right inside the alley.
The scaffoldings around are indication of the building that's still doing some redecoration and renovation.

Tomorrow I will show the original and unpainted and undecorated side of the shophouses before conservation. It is very interesting.

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Photo Cache said...

I love venturing into small back alleys like that. They offer too many photo opportunities.

J Bar said...

Interestng alley.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

magiceye said...

seems to be a very colorfully interesting place

LadyFi said...

I love the different colours.

And - about those yellow lines - they hardly seem necessary as the alley looks too narrow for cars! ;-)

M.Kate said...

Very interesting graffiti work Alice...I tend to stay away from back alleys..maybe I should ponder around too :P

Anonymous said...

so many colors. beautiful place

Anya said...

I now its ART
but so many graffiti :(
It looks such a lovely alley ...

eileeninmd said...

It is a very colorful and interesting alley. Thanks for sharing.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Alice, I have always loved Singapore. Used to stay at either Mandarin or Shangrila or Raffles often working days..
Was a regular at the Kasbah and Xanadu nite clubs too, as well Neptunes.

Used to go to Beach road, Bugis street, Bedok for food..still remember the Van Cliff Acquarium, nearby was a 'bak kut teh' shop I frequented.

Love your very well taken pics, Alice. Very colourful.
Very imaginative paintings too.

Oh ya, used to go watch moonrise at ECP with my sarong dates, *wink*....after seafood dinner near that big Splash, that seafood restaurant, waitresses all wear sarongs.

But Singapore can make my babk manager raise his eyebrow....especially at Orchard road, ha ha.
You have a pleasant week and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

alicesg said...

Thank you all for the visit and nice comments.

M. Kate, I venture the alley with my hubby, I dont dare go alone cause it looked so quiet and deserted cause many shophouses are vacant and undergoing renovation.

alicesg said...

Uncle Lee, not sure if I should addressed you as Uncle...lol. You sound like you belongs to the same age gap as me.

Oh my, you reminded me of Xanudu, my favourite disco. All the good discos are gone, even neptune is sold too. I've been to almost every disco in Singapore twenty years ago...lol. You can see my collection of cocktail stirrers from all the different disco.


Thanks for the memories.