Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My World Tuesday - Taking a stroll along the Beach

This week, lets go to the beach for a stroll. I guess you are all tired of the malls...lol. Time to get some nice fresh air instead of being inside an aircondtioned mall.

We dont have the nicest looking beach but the sea is so very important to us.
Ships have to pass our shore and take refuge here to refuel and re stock food. If you are living on the western of the earth, the products (i.e. television, microwave, computer, etc) you bought from Japan, South Korea or China, they have to be ship to the west via our sea. So our port is very busy (one of the busiest port in the world) and it helps us with our economy too.

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Photo Cache said...

I've only been to Sentosa, I like the beach I saw there. It's well visited and people seem to enjoy the beach so much.

Ann said...

At least you have the beaches and reclaimed land. My husband, a water engineer however won't let us swim in the water. Too many ship and their oil.

We went to eat at East Coast Sea food, and there were so many ship.

Indrani said...

Yes, the beaches are the lifeline!
Great post on your country.

LadyFi said...

Ports and beaches - so important for the economy and health of people!

Rajesh said...

The beaches are always nice and they have something new to offer every time one visits them.

Anya said...

Yes we can't without beaches !!!
Its the first time I see a picture from the sea in Singapore :)
It looks beautiful !!!

Babooshka said...

I wouldn't do without my beach to just walk and relax. Ideal.

richies said...

Thanks for the stroll on the beach. It has been many months since I was on a beach and I would really like to take a stroll on the beach soon.

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Mark Kreider said...

I'm always a big fan of water shots, the bigger the water the better.