Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Safra Bungalow Resort - (Part 7 Walking, Jogging and Cycling Track)

This is a walking, jogging and cycling track just behind the bungalow resort.
The track is part of the connector. One part of the path is for people walking, jogging and running while the other part is for cycling and skating.

Just to show you how big the painted foot looked as compared with my seven year old niece.

By 2015, National Parks hopes to construct 200km of park connectors - to date, half of that has been built. More will be added beyond 2015. National Parks' eventual goal is to create a connector network linking up the whole of Singapore. We could cycle from changi to east coast, etc.

Map taken from National Park website.
Isn't this wonderful, to have friends cycling and skating side by side.
A short video showing how popular the connector is with both local and foreigners.


the donG said...

that place is for me! i like places that supports healthy living. jogging is one good exercise plus i too love cycling.

LadyFi said...

Wow - that's a great idea! All those jogging tracks.. I love it!

Daniel J Santos said...

excellent in Portugal these places are rare

napaboaniya said...

I always think of BigFoot whenever I see those printed huge feet on the pavements :)
Happy Birthday to your son and your sis this month :)

alicesg said...

Thank you Elaine.