Thursday, November 13, 2008

Safra Bungalow Resort (Part 3- Swimming Pool)

The resort comes with nice swimming pools for both adults and children.
The newly renovated swimming pool with jacuzzi facilities.
Took this photo of the swimming pool in the early morning when the pool was closed to swimmers.

This is my little niece (seven years old) swimming in the children pool.


Lara said...

oh, in this cold here, I really crave for a day in the spa!

Kitem said...

This swimming pool is huge and beautiful, your little niece is enjoying herself.
In Malaysia, people go in hotel swimming pools with their clothes on, I don't like that too much, they should wear special muslim swimming suit when bathing not their long robes, it is not clean and fair for other swimmers who respect the rules.

Photo Cache said...

This really is a good place to get away from daily living.

the donG said...

i like the third shot. it makes me want to go swimming this weekend.