Sunday, November 2, 2008

Prayer Food

Yesterday was my mom's 13th death anniversary. So the entire family (siblings and families) went to my brother's house for the prayers (Mom's tablet was kept in brother's house while the ashes were kept in temple). It was also a time where the entire family get the chance to get together.

As brother was taoism (so was my late mom), we offered cooked food and burned incense papers to my late mom.

Before prayers, it was all so messy in my brother's The above chicken was to be steamed.

All these chicken parts were used to cook curry chicken.

This is rice vermicelli that needed to be soaked in water before cooking.

Look at all these

Glad most of the cooking done by my eldest sister and brother's I contributed by purchasing the cooked roast duck and roast pork while 2nd sister and youngest sister offered some money to brother. And eldest sister contributed some of the cooking ingredients and food and the cooking.
So after praying, it was our turn to tuck into the food. And we stay the entire day chatting and playing cards to pass the time. And soon it was dinner and eldest sister and sister in law cooked some extra dishes in addition to the leftover from lunch. Thanks sis and sister in law for all the cooking. :) And oh thanks to second sis for washing up...hahaha. Not that I am lazy, I hurt my back.....good excuse. :)


Stargazer said...

So much food

Kitem said...

It's very intersting to know the way you live, i would say from "inside". I use to see and witness how Chinese family do during funerals and afterward, and now you explain your customs very well.
I also like the way you call you sisters, elder sister, second, younger, and elder brother, it shows how the birth ranking, is important.

alicesg said...

Hehehe, Kitem, you are very observant. Yes, indeed, I do not addressed my elder siblings nor parents by names, it would be very impolite and disrespectful. Been this way for the entire family. Even during meal times, we called the elders (parents/relatives) to eat first before we do but with siblings, we just attacked the food

Photo Cache said...

That looks like a very good way to remember. It's also all soul's day yesterday in the christian world so it's also appropriate.

Squirrel said...

I'm sure your mother's soul felt loved and honored.

Loved reading this post. I'm not Christian, and I don't know all that much about Taoism, really. Rituals are so important.

J.C. said...

I love reading this posting, Alice. It's nice to have all family members together, more so when it is to commemorate your mom's death anniversary. And of course, the feasting together is one big bonus to enjoy!