Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Safra Bungalow Resort (Part 2-Inside the bungalow)

The resort had recently undergo a major renovation. They listen to feedback and make the bungalow resort more cozy for holiday makers.

They changed the entire furniture with brand new sofa and even the TV and DVD players are new.

The dining area .

The newly renovated open concept kitchen. They comes with fridge, freezer, microwave and now they allowed holiday makers to cook on the electric stove.

Even the BBQ pit is newly built to allow us to BBQ on one side while the other end of the pit allowed us to put our food. They are even thoughtful to add a tap/basin near the BBQ pit. I like this new arrangement.

Upstairs are two bedroom with two twin beds each.

I enjoyed and like the new bungalow concept, it made our stay in the resort very cozy and happy.


Napaboaniya said...

Safra resort is making headlines these days after their renovation. Entire place looks so much like a 5 star holiday resort.

Makes me want to tear my hair out that my old man isn't eligible to join the club :(

alicesg said...

True, it is so much cheaper if you are a member. My sister booked for me as she is a country club member. But it is super peak period for School holidays can be very very expensive for non members.

JO said...

lovely place.

Here's mine. Thanks.

Kitem said...

It looks really great and cosy, yes must be expensive, but as a family retreat when you have someone in the family as a member it comes cheaper and very pleasant.
I used to do that with chinese family daughter in law's aunty inviting us at her club in Malacca, some years ago, it is one of my best souvenir in life.

Jim said...

It looks very nice.

Gattina said...

Looks very nice for spending holidays !

Photo Cache said...

I like the design, very simple and clean. I especially liked the living room.

Ann said...

where is this place?

Sayang when I was in Singapore, the husband doesn't like to " stay out" in Singapore. He would rather we drive up to Malaysia.

Stephanie Shu said...

Hi alice,

Good day.

I was searching the internet for a nice and big chalet for my hubby and baby's joint birthday celebration in Feb 2010 and I chanced upon your blog on the safra bungalow resort. May I know how did you book it?

Appreciate your advice as many chalets are already fully booked. Thank you very much.

Warm regards,
Stephanie, a mother of a 10mth old

alicesg said...

Hi Stephanie,

You can looked at the website and book online. If you are a member of the resort country club, you can booked 6 mths earlier, if not for public it is 3 mths. Try to book non-holiday period as it is cheaper and easier to get the bungalow.

Stephanie Shu said...

Dear Alice,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Sure, I will check out the website and book the chalet online. =)

Warm regards,

( ^_^ ) said...

My mother's friend book one of the chalet $25 for 3D2N

( ^_^ ) said...

My mom's fren book the chalet $25 for 3D2N

alicesg said...

I guess your mom's friend book through her company and the company subsidized the balance of the rental of the chalet.