Saturday, November 15, 2008

Safra Bungalow Resort (Part 5-Facilities)

When getting bored in the bungalow, we could choose to use the karaoke, games arcade or even bowling.

Of course we need to pay to use these facilities. And the teenagers had fun playing at the bowling alley.
Children could play in the playground.

There's even a basketball court behind this bicycle kiosk. These bicycles are for rental.

For country club members and guests could go golfing too. The golf course is just next to the bungalows.
Facilities are only for members and guests. But I think public can use the swimming pool and eat at The Deck (Coffee House) and Jumbo Seafood Restaurant.


Kitem said...

Really beautiful and so convenient. Mr Garden would love the golf course next to the bungalows, while I would be swimming and cycling. Very nice resort.

Squirrel said...

after looking through these recent posts I feel I need a spa vacation.

alicesg said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Yes, the resort is situable for all ages. The guys love golfing, children love the arcade and swimming pool and playground, the teens love cycing and bowling while I like the beach best. :) Will blog more about the beach and tell you all what I find on the beach, and no it was not a

the donG said...

beautiful place. perfect for family time.

LadyFi said...

Love the bungalows! Sounds like a great place!

Anonymous said...

looks like they have great facilities for the guests. i wonder if their bungalows are as good as what they showed in their website...can share some pictures of the interiors of the bungalows u stayed???