Sunday, February 24, 2008

One of the favourite place for the teenagers to hang out

There is this huge atrium at the underground pass linking from citylink to esplanade theatre. This is the place where most teenagers would gather. The below photos are taken during a weekday night but come saturday night, it would be very crowded with teenagers doing their things.

Some would practise their skateboarding skills.

And there are some who practise their hip hop dance, and some just sit around and chat and looking at the people who looked at them.


zakscloset said...

it seems like a multi-purpose space. i would be one of the watchers!

alexander said...

I remember this place glad it is still in such a good condition. I am with zakscloset.

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Old Wom Tigley said...

The first thing I notice about this is just how clean it is.. if that was in Manchester England, or any of our city's it would be filthy with rubbish all over the place.

Lawstude said...

I like the large columns. Skateboarders must try to avoid these or their bones may break.

quintarantino said...

That is great ... and funny ... liked to see the photos and I'm almost as Tom ... one can´t stop noticing how clean things are.

Jules said...

God if I tried skate boarding there I'd be wrapped around one of those posts in no time!!!! I think I'd be the one sitting and watching everyone else.