Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Art Exhibition at Esplanade

As I was walking towards the Esplanade MRT station, I was attracted by some of these arts display at the esplanade.

This window displayed the laughing gas. It reminded us to slow down and stop and to remember to laugh.

Did we really forgotten to laugh? Life in Singapore is so fast. In a recent research , Singapore was found to be the world's fastest walkers.

Hahaha, even our broadband and our computers have the fastest speed in downloading other websites. I need to slow down so that my blog visitors have time to catch up....hehehe.

I apologised to my blog visitors who had trouble downloading my website, I now have adjusted my blog so that there are lesser posts on the main page so that you can load faster to view my blog. So sorry.

Please slow me down and stop and remind me to laugh...hahaha

This machine make the laughing sound in the window display. And no there is no laughing gas in there.


Kitem said...

Ha ha ha nice laughing post. You're right, we forget to laugh too often, so to be reminded is a good thing really.

quintarantino said...

Oh yes, laughing is quite good ... it even makes our muscles work ... and it's good for the spirit. So, let's all give a good laugh today with our friends.
For know, I leave here a smile ...

Jules said...

Well Alice - you have made me laugh!!! Yipee I can now download you - it only takes 5 minutes now instead of 30 minutes - and yes people here like our phone connections walk the slowest in the world!!!!

alicesg said...

Thanks jules for stopping me and making me laugh...hahaha

J.C. said...

Wondered how the laughter sounded like? Should be a fun exhibition!