Friday, February 15, 2008

God of Fortune

I visited the Singapore River Hong Bao couple of days ago. It is part of Singapore’s way of celebrating the lunar new year.

This year, at the River Hongbao, there is a huge mascot of the God of Fortune and 12 mascots of the Chinese Zodiac Animals and other colourful decorations. There are other cultural exhibitions too and of course food and beverage stalls selling local and foreign delicacies. You can view those food stalls in my food blog.
The God of Fortune holding a couplet reads "Zhao Cai Jing Bao" which means usher in the wealth and riches.

As I was concentrating on which angle to take the photo of the God of Fortune, suddenly there was a guy who hit the gong which startled me. He announced in mandarin that the God of Fortune is here. And there is this chubby "God of Fortune" right in front of me.

He started tossing gold coins and one coin just landed in my hands. Hahaha.....although it is not real gold but the feeling is so good.

Hope this gold coin from God of Fortune will bring everyone Good Health, Good Luck and Good Fortune.


Old Wom Tigley said...

I wish the very same to you too... I really do like coming on here and seeing your colourful pictures and learning about your way of life. I will be back for many more visits.
Have a great weekend... I look forward to sharing posts with you again next week

Dave said...

This sounds like an exciting and enjoyable celebration! I am glad you have been enjoying yourself. Take care! :-)

zakscloset said...

wow how lucky you are! i hope it will bring you all the good luck too!! nice photo of the god of fortune!

Gordon said...

Your series of photos and stories about the Chinese Lunar New Year have been so interesting. I hope your gold coin does bring good luck and good fortune.

J.C. said...

Bet you will have lotsa good fortune this year as you were so lucky to have the gold coin fell onto your palm! Gong Xi Gong Xi Alice!

alexander said...

Wow! I miss Singapore River Hong Bao.
Always full of interesting things to do during CNY.

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