Saturday, February 2, 2008

Answer to Door Quiz

Yayyy, Gordon got the answer right and the answers given by the rest are very close too. Yes, the bells are for ringing...hahaha. Thank you for participating in the fun quiz.

The doors are part of a Hindu temple, Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple located in Chinatown . Gordon explained very well in his comments in my previous post.

At the door, devotees ask God to grant their requests by ringing the bells before entering. So that is the reason why the bells are there. They also purify themselves by washing their hands and feet, and sprinkling water on their heads. (Source: Uniquely Singapore)

I will post the pictures of the temple tomorrow. It will be very lovely and beautiful.


Kitem said...

Argh, i missed your previous posts, sure i would have guessed about the beautiful door, all your posts about life in Singapour, and about Chinese New Year celebrations are so interesting, I love them all.

Lara said...

hahah, the answers are always much simpler than what we guess :))

Gordon said...

I recognized the door from my photos of my Singapore visit last year and then did some research - so I'm not that clever! Do you know why every alternate row does not have bells?

quintarantino said...

So that's what they are for?
Lovely shots and a very well imagined quiz.

alicesg said...

Gordon, I just noticed the bells when I took the photo. I am non the wiser even though I passed by the temple so very often....hahaha and I have no idea why alternate row had no bells, do you know why?

Gordon said...

Just a cost saving exercise I guess; but then why have bells so high up the door where only giants would reach!?

alicesg said...

Hahaha........this is interesting. There is an annual ritual at Kusu Island, where devotees will tied a rock on the trees to have their prayers answered and the higher one tied the rock onto the trees, the higher the chances your prayers get answered. So I presume the higher bells get better chances of their prayers answered.

Joy said...

Indeed it is a very wonderful ritual and tradition. The Catholic church has no equivalent.

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alexander said...

The is interesting. I never knew that! :)
Thank you for the valuable information.

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