Monday, February 4, 2008

I have been tagged

I have been tagged by Clarice, CC of lacenribbonroses ,JC of Subang Jaya and Lara of Romania and have to provide five or six facts about myself and then tag five others who will all link back to the person who tagged them.

Not an easy job but I think I do the easy way out and tag all those who are on my link on the right hand side of the blog and those who wish to be tag to write five facts about themselves in their blog. I think it will be interesting to reveal a little of yourself.

Five facts about me:
1. I love travelling and taking lots of photos.
2. Love collecting unique things like this cocktail stirrer from Jarkata. This is my favourite collection of cocktail stirrers (hmmm...maybe I can write a post on these stirrers)
3. I am slightly older than my country..hahaha....(Clue: My country is 43 this year.)
4. I loved durians .....the king of fruit.
5. A very curious, fun loving and friendly person.
Now , that is hard to write about myself and hard to decide who to over to those who wish to be tag, please write 5 facts about yourself.
P.S. Here is my post on cocktail stirrers.


Jim said...

Cocktail stirrers are a neat thing to collect. Pretty unique thats for sure. Over here if I collected them I would end up with the generic plasitic swords.

alexander said...

This is blogging homework... :P
The stirrers are unique and beautiful. Did you pay for them or were they given in a drink? (I think you have to buy them right??)

Alex's World! -

alicesg said...

I started collecting cocktail stirrers during my disco days. I guess I am the only one still keeping, my friends had discarded theirs...hahaha. Sometimes it is nice to take them out and looked at the different designs and recalled those fond memories.

Alex, that unique Kris sword and wayang kulit drinks stirrers were given to me by a friend who knew I collected these.

quintarantino said...

Nice knowing some more facts about you and I really think it would be nice to post about stirrers.

Clarice said...

I think you are much more interesting than a cocktail stirrer and I didn't realize that Singapore was only 43 years old. Thanks.

alicesg said...

Oh, thank you Clarice. Yes, Singapore is very young, Before that it was under the British, Japanese(WW2) then merge with Malaysia and gain independence in 1965.

Lawstude said...

hello alice, very interesting info and if i may say, we are much alike in Nos. 1 and 5. I do not like durian (the smell overpowers the taste), I prefer mangoes. I am definitely much younger than my country (hahaha my country is 109 years old). And the only thing I collect right now are Maxim Magazines. Have a nice day.

alicesg said...

Hahaha Laws, nice to know something about you. Oh yes, I like those dried mangoes of Philippines.

Quin, I might do a posting on those stirrers.

alexander said...

Wow! You have nice friends!
They are beautiful!

Alex's World! -

Photo Cache said...

that's a funky collection you have there. i hope you feature some of the ones you have some day.

J.C. said...

When I was tagged, I really felt is was a homework, just like what Alex said above. It took me quite awhile to post the facts.

Glad to learn more about you, Alice! Thanks for your friendship through City Daily Photo! The next time I see a cocktail stirrer, the thought of you would certainly pop up! This is because you are the first person that I know who collects cocktail stirrers.

Wish you a nice day!

alicesg said...

Hahaha...yes homework for blogging. I have a whole box of cocktail stirrers collected when I was a teenager. My friends had all discarded their collections. I think I seem to be the only one among my friends that still had all these stirrers from our disco time. :)