Saturday, January 19, 2008

Year of the Rat 2008

Yes, it is the year of the rat. At least at this Chinese New Year decorations, there is no Mickey Mouse

And if you find this familar, this is the same place where the christmas decorations titled colourful whirl of christmas is. Only difference are the mouse decorations are in and the Carousel Horse decorations are out.

Kitem asked me: "I read on the net that the Rat is not such a nice character, I hope it's not true, will you tell us about the Rat character later on in your blog?"

I am not a fortune teller but I can tell you from sources I read...hahaha

The year of Rat arriving on 7th February 2008

The year of the Pig was a very unstable one. It is believed that 2008 the year of Rat is going to be an easier year for most of us in general. (Let's see if this is true.)

If those who are interested to know the character of the chinese zodiac, read on.

Source: Way OnNet Group (I got this source from a book send to us from Singapore Post)

Rat-Gentle, simple, optimistic, observant and meticulous. Inquisitive behaviour to get to the roots of matters.

Ox-A solemn, obstinate and quiet personality with ample patience and empathy. Down to earth, hardworking as well as loyalty towards friends.

Tiger-Highly motivated in work, righteous and public-spirited, coupled with exceptional organizing qualities in the company of challenges and pioneer spirit.

Rabbit-Gentle,kind,active and caring. Strong in achieving goal without being constrained.

Dragon-Impressive-looking,optimistic,direct,confident,dilligent in handling matters whilst set with a far-sighted goal.

Snake-Mysterious,careful,vigiliant and intelligent. Carry a sense of beauty depicting an artistic ability.

Horse-Traits of generousity, influential, independent, bold and unrestrained. Great versatility, often seen as a centre of attention.

Goat-Well-mannered, friendly and affable, sentimental, honest and magnanimous. Dislike putting on a front for others.

Monkey-Energetic, humourous, clever, agile,strong self-confidence and likeable.

Rooster-Full of vigor,gentle,modest and prudent with an eye for detail. Enjoy life and a fashion-conscious person.

Dog-A perfectionist with character of loyalty, honesty, hardworking, obedient, responsible and righteous.

Pig-A firm disposition, direct and friendly personality, beckoning someone of trustworthiness. Calm and steady character with good management of monetary affairs.

If you like to know your chinese zodiac, check out this website:


GMG said...

Hi Alice, Thanks for the information! Let’s see how wrong the previsions will be... Anyhow, at the end, 2008 might be just the year before 2009, the year of the OX! A bit worrying, realizing that it will be my 6th experience of such a year (including a few months in 1949...) ;))
Have a great weekend!

quin[tarantino] said...

I am Dragon ... Happy New Year to everybody in Singapore ...

Kitem said...

I am a Dragon too.
And if I worried for the Rat it is because my daughter and her Malaysian hubby plan to have a baby soon, he or she could be a Rat.
So far the baby is not on its way yet.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Wow .. I just looked up what I would be and came up with this.
I am a Dog

Faithful, honest and ready to serve others.
Believe in truth and justice and loyal to friends.
Always willing to listen to people’s problems and is able to gain the respect of others.
Will share their thoughts but do not easily forgive those who cross them.
Tend to worry too much.

If I was to describe myself honestly, or maybe if my Jane was to do the same... the above would be exactly right.. I am well impressed with that.

I'm well pleased I called here again.

ro_pumpkin said...

very interesting . great post . and i can see you're already in the holiday mood considering that your recent posts are about cny .

zakscloset said...

wow! i think you really are a fortune teller!! you got mine absolutely right!

alicesg said...

Hahaha.....I am glad you are all having fun with the chinese zodiac.

GMG, hope the year of ox would be so much better for you. Lets take one day at a time but I think you are lucky to be able to travel all over the world.

Quin, Thank you so much for the wishes.

Kitem, not to worry, I have many friends who are born in the Year of the Rat and they are very successful. But these zodiac are just guides and not to be taken seriously. And I am not telling my chinese zodiac it will reveal my age..hehehe

Old Wom Tigley, glad you love it here, come back again, I have reserved a seat for you. :)

Ro, yes the chinese new year mood is almost here when you hear the radio blasting chinese songs "GONGXI GONGXI". I had intention to divert the attention to something else in today's post. :)

Zak, I think fortune telling could be my retirement

Have a nice weekend everyone.

J.C. said...

Interesting characters description based on zodiacs. They are very true as the traits described my friends and family members borned under those zodiacs! Amazing, huh? I am a rooster! I am fashion-conscious! Hee...hee... and full of vigour!!

Joy said...

I am a Golden Pig and the last year has been very very good to me. I couldn't have asked for more! :D It was just unbelievable, I tell you.

Now I'd like to find out what the Year of the Rat holds for me.

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