Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chinese Paper Cutting Crafts

Saw many chinese paper cuttings on sale in Chinatown. They are beautifully cut. Chinese Paper Cuttings is part of chinese culture where they are either cut by scissors or paper cutters.

The only paper cuttings that I know how to cut must be the chinese character "Shuang Xi" which means double happiness. I did that long ago during my wedding.


quintarantino said...

While opnening the page My first thought was that these were coins... nice paper it is.

Joy said...

Definitely beautiful! So have you got everything you need for the New Year?

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alicesg said...

It can be quite stressful to shop for Chinese New Year. I need to stock up on food by end of this week or early next week cause majority of shops, markets and malls will be close during the 1st two days of chinese new year and some shops will close for a few days.

Jilly said...

These are just lovely. Love the colour too.

Kitem said...

I love red color, I love this Chinese New Year cuttings.

Keropok Man said...

from far i thought it was $500! haha..

then realise that there's a dot there..