Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Singapore Botanic Garden-National Orchid Gardens

This will be my last posting on Singapore Botanic Gardens. For more photos on plants, flowers and cactus, you can view them at my flower blog. I will post them there once I do some reseach on the names of the flowers, trees, etc. I am only an admirer of flowers and amazing trees so am not familiar with their names. :)

Admission to Singapore Botanic Garden is free but admission to its Orchid Garden is S$5.00. It is very worth the money cause there are so many beautiful and unique orchids in the garden.
There is also a VIP garden too where orchids are breed and named after VIP of other countries. I saw many VIP orchids but I failed to find those named after Princess Diana and First Lady of USA, Laura Bush, but I did snap the posters of their orchids. Will post them in my flower blog.

I am so delighted with the beautiful orchids. Their colours and their shapes are so eye catching.

I have yet to find out the names of the above orchids. I still have many photos of beautiful orchids but I have yet to sort them out.

It is a happy day for me at botanic garden. I took a lot of photos, spend quality time at the gardens and learn a lot about the orchids and the amazing trees and not forgetting about those sculptures and my close encounter with the swans. :)


Oswegan said...

I bet you saw a lot of interesting varieties. Sounds nice.


quin[tarantino] said...

These photos are so real I could almost smell the orchides here in Portugal. Singapore is seeming like a very place to be around.

alexander said...

Lovely orchids.

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Anonymous said...

lovely orchids, this looks like a place that my florist in Federal Way
can enjoy visiting.

J.C. said...

I love orchids and used to plant them. But when I was away from home, no one tend to them and most died! Whenever I transit at Changi Airport, I would check out the orchids on display at the airport (near a man-made waterfall area). Haven't get the chance to visit the Botanical Garden yet! Will check it out when I am in Singapore next time!

alice said...

I love gardens and gardening! So I do enjoy all your photos. Thank you for visiting ArradonDP and taking time to write comments. Have a nice day in Singapore!

Ash said...


zakscloset said...

they do look very pretty! it's interesting how different parts of the world have different types of species.

ro_pumpkin said...

beautiful post . i'm glad you enjoy spending time in the botanical garden . i always did .