Monday, January 7, 2008

Swing Me Mama Sculpture

Swing Me Mama was sculpted by Dominic Benhura in 1995 using serpentine (spring stone). His inspiration for the sculpture sprung when he was swinging his kids. (source:

I would alway swinged my kids this way too when they were young. I think the sculpture really shows the bond between a mother and her child. There are more sculptures in the Singapore Botanic Garden but alas it rained heavily and I was too tired to continue walking to look at the other attractions in the garden, what a pity.


zakscloset said...

how peaceful. the mother statue looks so big compared to the child!

Lara said...

nice sculpture!

Marie said...

I like your photos, Alice. I think they very gracefully "combine" nature and art.

alexander said...

Nice artistic sculpture.
Well taken!

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quintarantino said...

Gee... that's amazing!

ro_pumpkin said...

a lot of great sculptures there . one day you should go back and make a series .