Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Singapore Botanic Garden-Passing of Knowledge Scultpure

This sculpture is located in the Sun Garden in the Singapore Botanic Gardens where all the cactus are. I like this sculpture very much because I find it very meaningful. The sculpture is known as Passing of Knowledge. It really is like a father passing his knowledge to his child.

Beside this sculpture, there are many cactus plants in this Sun Garden. Geez, I really beginning to like the Botanic Garden, it changes so much since my last visit with my young sons. But my sons are now all grown up, and just like the name of the sculpture, we as parents had passed our knowledge to them. :)

The Passing of Knowledge sculpture (2003) by local sculptor Victor Tan Wee Tar


Dave said...

The passing of knowledge to our children ... Our legacy. Sometimes we don't fully appreciate things until we are maturer. The symbolism in those figures is profound.

quintarantino said...

That is an amazing sculpture. Is it made of wire?

alexander said...

Great shot again! Very well thought of sculpture. :)

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alicesg said...

Yes, the sculpture is made of wire. It is very beautiful.

GMG said...

WoW! Beautiful series of the Botanic Garden and a lovely sculpture... I remember visiting the Garden on my first stay in 1992 and the impression it made!
Thanks a lot for your comments at Blogtrotter and at the Revivals. Loved to read all of them!

ro_pumpkin said...

when i first saw the sculpture they were still working at that part of the garden and i thought that is just a work in progress and it will be covered in plants so it will look like a live green sculpture .