Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pasir Ris Beach (Part 2)

This is my second part posting of Pasir Ris Beach. Yes, the beach looked lovely with the coconut trees and the sea breeze make strolling on the beach a wonderful experience and relaxing but come low tide the sea is not very plesant looking.... hahaha....

But over at East Coast Beach, the beach looked better (will post photos later) but it is alway crowded during weekends with people cycling, picnic, bbq, etc while Pasir Ris Beach is quietier.

Pasir Ris Beach at low tide.
Guess what these people are doing at low tide? They are digging for worms and use them as baits for their fishing. The background of ships side by side is a ship repairing and building company. More of these ship builders are over at Jurong (west of Singapore). Pasir Ris is on the east side of Singapore.


quintarantino said...

Seeing this I get a doubt: don´t those ships bring pollution to the waters of that beach?

alex said...

Nice shots Alice, it remind me of my younger days. I used to visit this beach.

Quintarantino, maybe I can help Alice with this question. All around in Singapore waters you will find huge vessels like these ones. It's ashame what pollution it may cause, however, Singapore lies geographically in the middle of the main shipping route (or should I say the most frequently used shipping route) between Asia and Europe. So this is unavoidable and nothing much we can do at the moment unfortunately (I think). Alice is there anything you want to add on or correct me?

Anyway. Happy New Year everyone! :)

Alex's World! -

alicesg said...

Thank you Alex. Well explained. My next posting will be east coast beach and it will show the shipping route. Happy New Year to you too.

zakscloset said...

what a beautiful beach! i love the palm trees!!