Thursday, November 4, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore - Sci Fi City

This is Sci Fi City. The roller coaster was not opened yet cause it did not pass the safety test. I think the chairs are not suitable and they are replacing with stronger and safer chairs.

There's the red and blue track. The blue track goes up, around and upside down with intense corkscrews and cobra roll (according to the information I found on the guide.)

While the red track zoom at speeds of 90 km/h, the seated coaster narrowly avoids collisions as it twists, turns and propels you over 14 storeys into the air. (information from the guide.)

Oh my, I am not going in any of the red or blue track....not for the faint hearted or elderly or kids.

Not easy for these entertainers, besides wearing thick costumes, some got to be on stilts.

A short video showing the fun guests have at the theme park.

This is the accelerator that whirl and twirl. Oh my, I have to close my eyes cause I can feel that I am seeing things going round and

I did not take much photos of the rest of the Sci Fi City. There's a spray mist to cool visitors at the park.


dong ho said...

place looks great! i like futuritic sites.

M.Kate said...

I want to go there :)

XUE said...

I'm terrified of roller coaters! My favourite ride of all is the mild boat ride at Disneyland's "It's a Small World" where there's huge animated dolls from all over, all singing, dancing & moving. Really pretty. And the ride is smooth, so I'm a coward at rough rides. Have agood weekend !