Friday, November 26, 2010

Singapore Zoo - Orang Utan

This is the sculpture of the famous Orang Utan of Singapore Zoo "Ah Meng". Ah Meng was the icon of the Singapore Zoo, she was first smuggled from Indonesia to Singapore and kept illegally as a housepet before she was discovered by a vet. You can read the rest of her story from Wikipedia.

Ah Meng passed away in 2008 due to old age. A sculpture was built to remember her. Not many animals get this priviledge but Ah Meng is so famous both locally and overseas that she get this special sculpture.

The enclosure of the Orang Utans.

The orang utans get to move around freely and they could actually climb out of their enclosures and move from trees to trees but they normally dont venture far. A zookeeper is around to keep an eye on them.

Ropes and nets are placed around the trees for the orang utans to move freely.

This short video is so cute, an orang utan watching the zookeeper feeding the arowana.

A short vdieo showing the orang utans moving from trees to trees and back to their enclosure.

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Sylvia K said...

Great post for the day, Alice! I've loved yours about the zoo! Hope you have a great weekend!


Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots. Yeah! similar sculpture is also in Mysore Zoo here.

Alexander said...

Very interesting coverage of Ah Meng! :D

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Indrani said...

Great shots from the zoo.

dong ho said...

im quite familiar with that statue but cant remember where i first saw it.

Ann said...

Ah Meng, the most famous orang utan in the world.