Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My World Tuesday - Singapore Zoo - Cheetah

Still posting about my visit to the Singapore Zoo. Son and me had a great time at the zoo. We visited the Cheetah's enclosure.

One part of the enclosure has a glass separated the cheetah from us.
This is so funny and scary. We did not know that the Cheetah could see us through the glass same way as we see it.

My son was trying to take a good picture of the cheetah, so he was moving forward and backward and the cheetah apparently saw my son and it bared its sharp teeth....yikes!

I guess we looked like food to the cheetah...lol.

A short video showing the action of the cheetah. I certainly do not want to be its prey.

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Sylvia K said...

Always look forward to the photos of the animals in your world, Alice! This is a great looking fellow! Hope your week goes well!


Rajesh said...

Great shots of Cheetah. He is ferocious.

Lawstude said...

i remember to have visited a zoo in singapore but it was operated during the night. i just don't know if this is the same zoo. :)

alicesg said...

Law, the one you visited is the night safari zoo which is next to the day zoo that I visited. In 2012 there will be a third zoo called the River Safari Zoo , all three managed by the same management and next to each other.

XUE said...

Maybe the cheetah likes Chinese food :) ! We have missed the zoo !