Saturday, November 20, 2010

Resort World SIngapore - Casino

The Casino is one of the main attraction of Resort World Singapore.

The ceiling above the casino's entrance. It looked like a spider web. I wondered if it has anything to do with fengshui.

At the basement of the resort world is the carpark for cars, coaches, taxi, public bus, etc. Those who live in neighbouring country like Malaysia can visit the resort world easily because there are many different coach packages to bring them to the resort. Most visit the resort for the casinos but there are many like me who visit the theme park, shopping, hotels, etc.
Long queues of taxi waiting for customers at the resorts. You need to pay an additional $3 surcharge for the taxi.

Tourists and foreigners get to visit the Casino free of charge while Singaporeans and permanent residents need to pay a levy of $100 per day or annual fee of $2000.

A performance at the resort.


dong ho said...

i remember my singaporean counterpart tellin g me that you have to pay entrance fee on casinos but not tourists.

Joy said...

I don't remember seeing this place last time I was in Singapore. It sure looks interesting.

Have a great start to your week!

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alicesg said...

Joy, it was only opened this year.

Ann said...

do you stand under the spider weband then you are guaranteed to win? It looks more than 8 sides to be a BA QUA.

alicesg said...

Ann, sounds quite true but I dont gamble so dont make any differences to me where I stand...hahaha.