Wednesday, July 14, 2010

View of Resort World Sentosa

View of Resort World Sentosa from my ferry on the way to Batam.
Hard Rock Hotel, Sentosa
Part of Universal Studio, construction still going on.

The above photo is that of Labrador Park which is part of Singapore which is connected to the whole island of Singapore. It was a former defence battery and we still can see traces of the fort.

You can read the history of Labrador Park from Infopedia.

According to Legend, it was believed there was an undersea tunnel between Labrador Park and Sentosa but no one can verify that. There was a research on the tunnel which shows a collapsed undersea tunnel about 20 metres underground. The tunnel was thought to allow the british soldiers easy access between islands.

One day, I will visit Labrador Park and take more photos of the park. Geez, Singapore is so small but there are so many places I have yet visited


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Alicesg Sweetie...
What a beautiful share today. I love the ferry tour. I have never been on a ferry, but one day I hope to have the chance. It looks very peaceful.

Love the photo of Universal Studios. Have you ever been there? It looks like fun.

Thank you for sharing today sweet friend. Country hugs...Sherry

alicesg said...

Hi Sherry, I have yet visit the Universal Studio cause some of the rides are not ready. The tickets dont come cheap it is $66 for weekdays and $72 for weekends. So I plan to go when the Jurassic Park Ride is, must make my money worth.

dong ho said...

oh yeah resorts world is making a big move because they also constructed a big casino area here with three hotels.