Sunday, July 18, 2010

National Day 2010 Rehearsal

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. There's lot of actions happening in the city.

What is happening here? Why are these people lining on the streets of Singapore?

Why are there so many police and army personnels on the road?

Oh no worry, it is just one of the rehearsal for our coming National Day 2010 celebrations on 9th August 2010. Our National Day is also our independent Day. This year Singapore will be celebrating its 45th birthday. Geez I am five years older than my

Behind the scenes. We dont get to see much of these behind the scenes on television. This is the first time in my 50 years of life as a Singaporean that I get to see the national day parade. Well it is not the actual, just the rehearsal but is good Next year, I must try to ballot for the tickets to watch the real parade on site. Now I just had to be contended to watch along the streets.
You have to follow closely the lengthy series on my posting about the rehearsal in my coming posts. Lots of video and actions coming up..........


alicesg said...

All the people lining on the streets are just like me, hoping to capture the actions of the rehearsal on video/camera.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Sure is a hive of activity for the big day. Something to be proud of and to cherish by the participants. Hard work too !

Lawstude said...

hey, happy holidays then. will wait for the celebration through your photos :)