Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My World Tuesday - Cruise/Ferry

This is the cruise and ferry terminal located in Harbour Front Centre.

The cruise centre has bigger and beautiful luxury ships that goes to nowhere (means on international water only), to Malaysia, Thailand and other parts of Asia.

Some goes on the cruise so that they can use the casino aboard the ships but with two casinos now on Singapore Land, I guess it somehow affect the business of the cruise ships.

I have not try the cruise before but I might do so one day. I actually prefer the plane.

The ferry terminal has services to Batam and other parts of Indonesia. Look at the signboard that reads CIP Lounge. I thought it should be VIP (Very Important People). But on checking, I realised that CIP meant Commercially Important Passenger.
I will be out of Singapore this weekend, guess where I am going? Answer will be post, when I return from my short trip. :)

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Indrani said...

Nice shots of the terminal. Casino on the ship must be a different experience all together.

Rajesh said...

Very interesting place with beautiful shots.

Lawstude said...

aw. it's been so long since i have last contributed in mw world that i truly miss it. hope to contribute again soon for there are really amazing spots here that i truly want to share.

thomas said...

Enjoy your short trip.

alicesg said...

OMG, where are all those comments?
I published them but they dont appear in here.???

Thanks to those who visit and commented,I think there's something wrong with blogger, hopefully the comments will come back later.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I have been on a cruise to nowhere! It was ok and I'm not a seaborne person too.

alicesg said...

Thanks Thomas

M.Kate said...

Hello Alice, I have never gone on a cruise before. They used to have one from Port Klang but then stopped, only from Penang. Today, I read, they are starting one cruise ex Port Klang, so I hope I can try that one day. Happy week ahead Alice.