Wednesday, July 21, 2010

National Day Parade 2010 Rehearsal - Participants

Participants walking towards the venue of the celebration. There are more participants already stationed at the venue but these are just a handful that I saw along the streets.
Lion and Dragon Dances are always favourite with the audience.

Most older Singaporeans about my age can identify with the above float. It is the old National Theatre in River Valley Road. It was a landmark that most older Singaporeans will remember.

But it is so sad to see it gone. In the early 1980s, the theatre was labelled structurally unsafe due to defects discovered in its cantilever roof. Also, with the proximity of the proposed Central Expressway underground tunnel to the theatre coupled with its declining use due to the lack of air-conditioning, led to a government decision to demolish the National Theatre
You can view more information about it from wikipedia .


Lawstude said...

looks like a fun celebration and everyone seem to be in a festive mood. :)

Photo Cache said...

Is the national day something like a freedom/independence day celebration?

alicesg said...

Yes, it is our independent day. We were formerly until British Colonial Rule. We got our self rule only after merging with Malaysia but then we separated from Malaysia over some disputes and finally got our very own independence on 9th August 1965.

dong ho said...

i like the floats with lights. a great display for the rehearsal.