Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Window Display

I always love to look at the window display. The window display at Robinson in Centrepoint Shopping Centre always make me take a double look. The mannequins are not dressed in any fancy clothes this time, they are promoting the lots of super discounts in their windows display this time round. I love shopping at Robinson.

Another window display at Wisma Atria Shopping Mall - I love the clothes in here. They are beautiful and they are not very expensive. I would love to buy the centrepiece but I dont have a sexy figure to wear

Best time to shop at Guess must be during their promotion period.

I cant remember which shopping mall this window display was at.


Mable said...

We must have been twins in a previous life. How I enjoy looking at window displays too. Nice shots! :-)

alicesg said...

Mable, glad that you like the window display too. :) It takes lots of creative minds to display shopping windows to attract customers.

I am looking foward to my shopping spree with my childhood friend. Now the whole world knows I am going

Now is the time to get the things that I always wanted with the attractive deals. Wish me luck. :)

the donG said...

you should buy one. hehehe

alicesg said...

Dong, I wish I could buy I know I dont look that old(hahaha) but I dont want to look younger than my son's girlfriend...hehehe.

Oh my, I am going to reach the big 50 next year...:(

Ok, maybe I will post a little of how I look the next time...hahaha

Anya said...

O O O Me to Alice ..... LOL next yaer 50, I hate it, its not funny;)
But I'am just 49 its takes along time one jear !!Hahahaha......Beautiful shopping windows, I like shopping very match,with two girls I do a lot of shopping............... LOL

alicesg said...

Oh Anya, you are same age as me...hehehe...we celebrate birthdays together in bloggerland. :) I am Capricorn.

Lara said...

I really enjoy a little bit of "window shopping". actually, considering the amount of clothes I already own, this is the only thing I should do :)). I cannot always help not entering the shop itself :))

Ann said...

Ah!!!!Robinson, the store where the poor people like me go for when there is a special.

Actually, I don't like window shopping, no money, no go, otherwise I feel tempted.

I used to live in the jungle of NTU, and don't come to the city a lot. You been there?

You could see a different kind of "shopping" like Tow Guan Pottery and the garden centres.



alicesg said...

Lara, I love looking at the display in the windows too.

Ann, I am nearer to the city than NTU. I dont venture very much to the west. :) Thanks for your visit to my blog.

Anonymous said...

Alice..I hope you found the dress you needed for the wedding. There are some really good sales here in the US and many stores are just closing up...It is a bad economic time and the whole world is the same so I guess it really is ' a small world after all' in this global economy...Michelle

Photo Cache said...

I love the clothes on the second window. I used to spend a lot of time just window shopping, literally. :D

Reader Wil said...

Thanks for showing us around in Singapore!Thanks for your comment on the concentration camps, which I answered on my blog. Very sad story too.