Sunday, March 29, 2009

Candle in the Dark

It was earth hour yesterday. We were supposed to switch off all lights between 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. to support earth hour.

Ok, I was excited and lighted a candle and listening to my portable radio. Able to do this cause both sons went out otherwise they would be using the computer, etc.

5 minutes passed then 10 minutes and 25 minutes, Ok I am getting bored by now. Cant do anything in the dark and too early to go to bed. So 30 minutes passed and the clock said it is nine pm, my favourite TV programme is on.

So I blow off the candle and watch my TV without switching the lights. So does it count? I guess I am only 50% into the earth I have to be honest. :)

Yikes, I now know I cant be left alone in the dark without a good Bravo to those who are 100% supportive of earth hour.

Just a short video to show the burning candle. I am surprised that the candle looked good in the recycled cover. It was an old cover of a broken container. The light reflected by the candleflame through the cover looked like a beautiful pattern.


the donG said...

they said that it's only the lights that's required but including the appliances could have been better. but you still did your part. that's what counts.

richies said...

I wasn't able to fully commit to Earth Hour. The photo and video are beautiful.

An Arkies Musings

Lilli & Nevada said...

I was not good with it yesterday either but i love the candles and the video

CC said...

I'm so proud of you. Even a little of all electric off helps...and your candle looks beautiful. My commitment is to turn off everything, and I mean everything for 1 hour each day or night. With the store, it's difficult, but when I'm home..I can do this, tho it's hard. I also love your idea of less shopping bags..tho at the store, it's hard to do.Our customers are helping tho, by bring their cloth shopping bags. They're sturdy and reusable.
Yayyyy for us all that are commited to making our earth mother a better place.

Photo Cache said...

I was too busy I did not even remember it was happening until I saw the news later on that night.

Lara said...

in preparation to the earth day we had a lot of trouble with the electrical system. or it's just that our community is an avangarde one, cutting off electricity in advance :)). just to be sure :)).

M.Kate said...

We switched off all lights and went for a stroll around. I did it for the children, so that they are aware of the environment. I was surprised too that many neighbours followed suit..which was good. Going to KK tomorow, Kota Kinabalu..not the Kandang Kerbau ward as one good Singaporean blog friend asked. Hope you have a great week ahead Alice ;D

alicesg said...

Thanks all for the nice comments. Next time I will have a better plan then just sitting beside the

CC, it is nice to hear that people bring their own cloth shopping bag. My late mom used to bring her ratten basket when she goes marketing. In the olden times, they use a raffia string to tie the pork and you carry it home that way. Now they give you a plastic bag.

At the fish stall, the fish vendor charge me 50cents lesser when I dont want their plastic bag. :)

Kate, hahaha, glad you told me it is kota kinabalu, I would thought you are coming to our

Anonymous said...

it was only for lights. so you are 100% perfect. well done and thanks.

J.C. said...

Just like you, I turned off all the lights, lit up some candles and had the fan and TV on!! It's a bit boring to sit in the dark not able to do anything.

Ha ha ha...we did create awareness of Earth Hour and made an effort to participate. That's what count! :o)

Jim said...

You did 30 more than I was able to do. I did it last year though.

Anya said...

Earth hour yesterday is a very good case!!
The video is the treu and good ;)
But Alice its romantic with candles :) LOL

alicesg said...

Thanks for all the comments, you all make me feel so proud of my little effort. :) Maybe next year I will do better.