Monday, March 16, 2009

My World Tuesday-Sri Marriamman Temple

Slippers, sandals, shoes, socks over here and over there......... No...... these footwears are not dump here nor are they on

Visitors to the temple need to remove their footwear before entering the temple.

You can view another post on this temple in my previous post.

This is the Sri Marriamman Temple in Chinatown. This temple is very old dated back 1827. Photographers always love to take photo of these figurines on top of the entrance of the temple. I like to be a bit different so I took some photos of the side of the building of the temple. It is very interesting.

From the side gate, you could see the large compound in the temple.
Beside the side gate, is this beautiful balcony. I never knew it existed Glad that I took a walk at the side of the temple.

The balcony is so beautiful with all these lovely designs.

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P.S. I hope the rain will stop....... been raining since last week. I am going to run out of photos to I need to get out and get more fresh photos. :)


SandyCarlson said...

That's a beautiful temple. I am struck by the ordinary footwear outside this majestic place that speaks to the beauty of the spirit.

B Squared said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

the donG said...

you started this post in a very funny way. you made my morning happy.

i heard about this building before and it is indeed impressive. it's detailed and beautiful.

ewok1993 said...

One of my many regrets at my visit to S'pore was my failure to enter this temple. I was there and stayed long outside snapping some shot, but did not venture anywhere inside.

Tabib said...

Beautiful photo posting with all the details.

Indrani said...

Great shots of the temple shared, Alice. I love the Indian touch in the glimpse of your world today. :)

Anya said...

Amazing shots from the temple :)
The balcony is just as Romeo and Juliet ... LOL...I am a romantic type HEHE
I had double clicked on that photo of " Temple in China Town "
you will see even more how beautiful it is.
Very nice post today ;))

Kitem said...

The Singapore Sri Mariamen temple is far much bigger and beautiful than the Penang Sri Mariamen one, this indian temple is very colorful and full of life, your reportage is great.

Arija said...

Nice post, good ontrast between the temple and the thongs.

fishing guy said...

Alice: What an interesting look at the temple, thanks for sharing.

Squirrel said...

A really beautiful temple.

Wish the footwear rule was in place for all houses of worship. A good idea.

LadyFi said...

That temple is just amazing! Love it!

Here in Sweden you have to take your shoes off before you go inside people's houses.

BTW, that egg with the embryo - yuk!

floreta said...

wow that temple looks very cool!